About us

Concern Tee is owned and operated by aspiring artists with one goal of trying to help make change to the world with awesome design and apparels.

We hope that providing awesome apparels to our customers that we will also be able to address the concerns of our customers regarding the world as a whole. From fighting local issues like homelessness, hunger to world issues like diseases, human trafficking, every purchase addresses a concern of ours and our customers. 

We know that everybody wants to help make a change and many do not know how or do not have the financial ability to address all the world's concerns at once, that is where we come in together. A portion of all profits made from every purchase are donated each month to a different non-profit charitable organization; and a portion of every sale goes to the artist behind the great designs. Even though you and the team at Concern Tee can not donate to every organization, we can still contribute to different ones each month and still support the artist that make the artwork possible. We can all join forces together and make a change with awesome gear!